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Brand Matters

June 11, 2020

Consider, for a moment, my favorite definition of brand:

brand  n.  /brænd/ : the promises you keep

Think about the promises of some popular brands. Coca Cola promises us a delicious, fizzy drink using its secret formula. Heinz delivers tried and true ketchup, increasingly in varieties, but always in line with its signature taste. Now, let’s shift from what we buy to where we buy and look at brand promises of popular retailer  Continue Reading


June 1, 2020

Ever wondered whether you were getting the full story about a food product you’re about to buy? Have you wondered if there are better alternatives out there?  We felt it was about time we could see all relevant information about a product in one place to help us make more informed decisions while also seeing what else is available that might work for us. To do so, we’ve built an extensive food database and then worked with a team of nutritionists and engineers to bring this data to life. The result is a service that helps us gain insight about the food we eat,  Continue Reading